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About Us

Cinema Resistance creates original concepts from idea inception, scripts, and concept art, and transforms them into production, shooting, and VFX. We devise powerful stories, and create a wide range of high-level content and entertainment. Developing projects with an international flair, Cinema Resistance is capable of entertaining large, target audiences everywhere.

We are a proud partnership between producer Monika Goyanes and director/producer Albert Arizza, who form a driven, motivated team that joins forces with other artists and companies to create one-of-a-kind production concepts.


AWARDS – Discovery at Sitges film festival, Malaga film festival: Best director, World Fest Houston: Best Sci-Fi Award, Prix Ars Electronica Visual FX in Austria, Int. Fest. of Cinema & Technology award for best Sci-Fi.

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Montreal (Canada), RIFF (Greenland), Sao Paulo (Brazil) , Atenas (Greece), Seattle, Chicago (USA), Fantasía (Canada), Sitges (Spain), Espoo (Finland), Utopiales (France), Science Plus Fiction (Italy), Pifan (Korea), World Fest Houston (USA), Comic-Com (USA), FAJR (Iran), Gijón (Spain), Emirates film competition.



Inside the story

Develop unique creative concepts and original ideas for a screenplay.

concept art

Concept Art

Visual ideas

Conveying an idea in an illustration to developing visual scenarios, action scenes and props before they are built.



Film with passion and enthusiasm the scenes of the film.



All stages

DEVELOPMENT: Create ideas, write script, Sought financing; PRE-PRODUCTION: Hiring cast & crew, designing sets & costumes, building sets, scouting, rehearsals; PRODUCTION: Shooting; POST-PRODUCTION: Editing images, sound & VFX; DISTRIBUTION: Exhibition.